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Kitchener Ontario's Premier Painters

LT Painting is the one stop shop to fill your painting needs.


Whether the job is Interior, Exterior, Wallpaper, Wall Repair, or anything else you need done, we want to help. And we promise to do it right! Being a small local company gives us the opportunity to make and keep personal relationships with all of our customers. This is why we can proudly say that our clients use us over and over again. When you contact us for your free estimate, you will understand why we are able to compete with the big painting chain companies moving in to town. Customer service is our key to success, and in fact, we do not hand you a final bill until you give us the stamp of 100% satisfaction.


So, what can you expect after you fill out your form for a free estimate? 


Within the day, you will receive either an email or phone call back from one of LT Paintings two Owners, Luca or Victoria (Tori). They will ask you exactly how you would like your home beautified, and then take some notes. By the end of the conversation both parties will have agreed on a time to have an in person estimate, again done by either one, or both owners. This gives you the client as much time as you would like with the Company Owners themselves. Then after taking some time crunching the numbers, and figuring out a schedule, you should have a firm cost for the job (that means we will never raise the price) and also a date that we would be able to start painting.


What is it like when we start working at your Home?


At LT Painting, we know what its like to have work done at your home. That is why we strive, and excel at making the entire process as comfortable as possible. For one thing, we are as punctual as punctual gets. If we say we'll arrive at 8:30 am, we arrive at 8:30 am. There will be no waiting around or questioning whether we are coming at all. Secondly, we will not be blasting music throughout anyone's home. The last thing you want is loud, annoying music to accompany the work going on. And Thirdly, you will notice fast that we do things right, the first time. We repair and sand all walls, baseboards, and doors. This gives the finest finish. Also, we pre prime all patches and repairs with the wall paint we are using. This guarantees that there is no chance of the repair showing through in different lights after the work is completed. And most importantly, we combine use of the best products with use of best practices. All of these methods combined give the best quality finish a paint job can have.

So please fill out the contact form right now to receive your free estimate, and start the process to having your home painted the way you want it. We look forward to hearing from you.

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