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Our Process for Interior Painting

Alright, so you hire a company to paint the interior of your house. Whether its just painting the walls, or a full ceiling, trim, doors, and walls job, you probably are wondering what the process is going to be like. Now I can't personally speak for other companies, but I can let you know how LT Painting tackles a job like this. I bet in this description you will already be able to tell that you like the way we work.


Here is LT Paintings process for doing an Interior Paint Job.


The most important aspect of any job is the preparation work. That is literally preparing the surfaces for paint. So we take this aspect very seriously. We make sure to sand all surfaces, and also to repair any dings, dents, scrape off roughness, and fill all cracks with either caulking, or drywall compound. Caulking usually for all trim, and compound for any walls.


Why sand? Because when we sand, we are knocking down any obvious roughness on the walls or trim. That roughness could be from past sloppy painting, dust collecting on the old paint over years, or even just dings and dents. But even brand new items such as doors, or fresh walls, do need to be sanded as well. Why? because on a molecular level, we actually are creating roughness. And that roughness is what allows the paint to adhere to the item or wall.


Next, we Prime the repairs that need it. Most people think that you must prime all walls and trim before painting, but that is really only necessary if you are painting latex over Oil based paints. If you are painting latex over latex, then the only things that need priming are where drywall compound was used. This primer acts as a sealant and makes sure that the finish coats will have absolute coverage. In other words, you wont see any repairs after the paint job is done. You would think that would be a given, but sadly we have seen many jobs where in direct light, you can see all the patches that were done. Priming also is a paint that is especially made to have good adhesion with fresh paint. I remember conversations with some people that think primer is to make everything white before you start painting, and that led some people to believe we need to do several coats of primer to cover. But that is not the case, in fact primers can come in all sorts of colours, some even being clear. We prime, to prep the areas that need it for best paint adhesion.


Then starts the Painting. In most cases, we will paint ceilings first, then trim, and then walls. This allows the walls to be the highlight of the job, and it gives the best finish. At the end of the walls, we check everything over with a light, and do any necessary touch ups.


With this process, you can be confident that we will make your home look absolutely gorgeous!


But what about the Exterior of your House?

Beautiful Interior Paint job
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