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Exterior Painting

At LT Painting, we also do Exterior Painting. This could be for aluminum siding, wood siding, plastic siding, decks, really anything you want painted outside, we do it. In some scenarios we find spraying the paint to be the best way to complete the job. At other times, we may decide to brush and roll it. Whatever we choose to do, we will make that decision including you, the customer, in it. So be sure to ask as many questions as you want, as to what each finish will look like, and how long each job will take.

What is our process for exterior painting? Well first thing first again is the prep work. When doing exteriors though, the prep is a lot different from interior prep. We usually do not have to do as much sanding when painting outside because most of the surfaces that are to be painted are already rough, such as bricks, scuffed up metal, some sidings and woods etc. So we sand any smooth or glossy surfaces, but then most of the prep goes into caulking. If there are any cracks or openings where water can collect, we like to seal those up with caulking so that over the years, water will not damage our paint job.

Next, we move to taping off. We usually end up taping off a lot because we don't want any over spray to get on anything. This might include windows, doors, cars that are parked near or around the job site. We find too that taping off allows us at times to get very clean cut lines. This is very pleasing to the eye.

And then we get painting, and as mentioned, we might choose to spray. I can personally assure you that spray painting gives just as nice a finish as brushing and rolling. The only reason we choose one over the other is based on the circumstances of a job. That might include the weather, wind, or what will cover best. the methods might change day to day, but the quality never changes.

And then as we finish painting, we will go over everything with a fine tuned comb. The products we use for exteriors are always top of the line because we want them to last forever, so they usually help us get an excellent finish. Which means to us that there wont be many issues at the end of a job.

Painting the exterior of your home is one way to drastically increase the value of it. A study found that Professional Paint jobs adds 140% value to your home. So if you put $1000 into an exterior Paint job, your house grows in value by $1400. You're literally losing money not painting your home. We know its not that simple, but it is true that if you would like to help sell your house, getting an exterior Paint job done is a great way to help. Let us know if you are interested!

Painted Wall
Exterior Painted House
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