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Cambridge has to be my favourite area of the Tri Cities. I come from a small town basically as far south in Ontario Canada as it gets, and I find that Cambridge Ontario has a very similar style to it. The houses are smaller, but yet they carry a charm to them that is only found here in Canada. The fact that its a more rural community also, carries a lot of exterior projects that keep us busy painting in the summer time.  Whenever we paint in Cambridge, It definitely has a small town feel to it, and the landscape really reminds me of where I grew up. The homes are on lots that are much more spaced out, there are more farms around, and it really is quite a pleasant place to live. We take pride in doing work in Cambridge and look forward to getting more and more work there in the coming years. 

As you might know, there are many sub neighborhoods in Cambridge, and we have done work in many of them. Some of the neighborhoods that we service are Galt, Hespler, Langs Farm, East Galt, Hagey, Christopher-Champlain, Greenway-Chaplin, Southwood, Little Corners, Blair, Preston Centre, Silver Heights, Alison, Fiddlesticks, and Preston Heights. The reason that we list all of the areas in Cambridge that we paint in is because we want you to feel good about hiring LT Painting. You will not be the first ones in your city that have asked us to do work for you. We have quite the resume building here, and would love to be of assistance in any way to you also.

It might also be of comfort to you to know that we have a great working relationship with many contracting companies in Cambridge, Ontario. These contracting companies, or construction businesses use us as their main painters for all projects that they have on the go. How does knowing this help you? Well for one thing, its good to know that if construction companies trust us as their painters, then you can trust us as well.  Another reason this can be of comfort to you is that we have a lot of experience painting all sorts of things. Whether its brick, and dust collector, stucco, staining trim, we have painted it. So you definitely do not need to worry about whether or not we have a lot of experience. If you need it painted, we can do it. And you won't be the first people trusting us to do it. We are trusted by many companies and home owners, and you can trust us to.

If your house looks a little tired, inside or out, and it needs some maintenance and a fresh coat of paint, please don't hesitate to contact us. We very much enjoy working in Cambridge and look forward to getting in contact with you. Thanks for your interest in us!


Ever wonder about the process of getting an interior paint job done? We can give you a quick run down.

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