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We at LT Painting have been hanging wallpaper for over a decade. Everything from commercial vinyl wallpaper for hotels or restaurants, to fancy delicate accents that capture your attention. If you are looking for a wallpaper installer in the Kitchener Waterloo area, contact us today. Not only will you receive an accurate quote in a timely manner, but we can also help you find a supplier that will provide you with sample books and advice before you make a decision on what exact pattern you absolutely love.

Is wallpaper really coming back in style? The simple answer is YES! It may not be the busy patterns you remember from when you were a kid, but there are a plethora of beautiful, modern patterns and styles that will take your home from beautiful to chic very quickly. It seems like every ultra modern home we work in, or cute cozy bungalow we paint, has some form of textured wallpaper in their powder rooms, or a large accent wall with big bold details.

Does it take long to install wallpaper? If you know what you're doing, wallpaper installation is very clean, quick work. Most projects can be completed in one day. When painting, often times you have to do multiple coats on each wall. But when hanging wallpaper correctly, you just need to do it once. The glues we use are state of the art and clean up easily, they don't leave a mess at all. And we at LT Painting will make sure to take away any left over cuttings that you don't want to keep.

Will you do a good job? I'm proud to say we have never had an issue with wallpaper installation. We understand that when people decide on a paper they love, it quickly becomes their favourite part of the project. They don't want any issues with it and neither do we. So we make sure to take pride in each roll of paper we hang. If you choose LT Painting for your wallpaper needs, you will not be disappointed. But don't take our word for it, check out our reviews! 

Do you provide the wallpaper yourselves? Unlike Paint products, the quality and costs of wallpapers vary greatly. So our quote will simply provide the labour costs, and it will include any priming costs and wallpaper glue that we will need to purchase. However, for the rolls of paper themselves, we recommend the homeowner purchases that in advance of our arrival. Many paint stores in the area have sample books you can leaf through but there are also designer stores that can offer you specific patterns from top of the line wallpaper designers.

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Kitchener Wallpaper
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