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Waterloo Ontario is a beautiful place to work in, and we love working here. The city is completely booming right now due to the influx of all of the tech industry jobs. New construction is very busy on the west end of the city, and closer to St Jacobs, there are a lot of older larger homes which are stunning to say the least. We have done a lot of Painting in all of these neighborhoods, and always have success in making our customers happy. We find one of the benefits of working in  Waterloo is that the clients that hire us to paint their residential homes are completely up for using the best products. And that is great because it is what we always recommend. The better the products, such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Dulux' higher quality paints, the better finished result. Its an easy equation that works every time.


Ill include here a run down of the neighborhoods in Waterloo that LT Painting has worked in. We have customers in Erbsville, Westvale, Rummelhardt, NCR Waterloo, Westmount, Maple Hills, Lakeshore Village, Sunnydale, and even Laurelwood and Beechwood. We are pretty sure that you drive by homes that we have painted. But we don't only do residential painting. We would say that about 50% of our business comes from commercial painting as well.

You might be asking yourself though, what makes LT Painting different from other paint contractor companies in Waterloo? Well the answer there comes down to what you may have read on the first page of our website. Simply put, we are not your every day painting company. We want to leave you stunned by our excellent customer service. On a number of occasions, home owners joke that they don't even notice us working in their house. And quite a number have felt comfortable enough giving us a key to their place so that we can come and go throughout the day, even while they are away at work. I know that we have had work done on our place before, and it would take quite a bit of trust for me to give someone a key to my place. But when people see the quality of our painting, and our desire to provide the best customer experience, they see that they can trust us. Its probably the most flattering compliment that we can get.

So if you live in Waterloo, and are thinking of having some Painting done, do not hesitate to contact Waterloos Best Painters. We have many customer reviews you can check out, whether through a google search, or right here on our website. We are aware that there are a lot of other companies in the city wanting your business, but always compare their reviews with ours. The choice will be clear. Thanks for your time!

Don't live in Kitchener or Waterloo? Well thats totally okay because we also do work in many other cities, and if you have a project you want completed, we would love to be of assistance. Probably our 3rd most popular city for painting in is Cambridge Ontario. Want to learn about our Painting in Cambridge?

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