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Kitchener is home to many beautiful and charming homes. It is a very historic city, and its houses and architecture really highlight the heritage of our area. One of my personal favourite neighborhoods is the war time homes found near St. Mary's Hospital. Whenever we have a chance to work there it puts us in a good mood because we get to help beautify and restore that historic neighborhood to its original state. Clean, crisp, tidy, small homes that each individually show off Kitchener's wonderful charm. We also do a lot of work in a building on Queen Street that is actually the oldest apartment block in the city. You can't beat the charm and rustic nature of that complex. With 8 Inch baseboards, high ceilings, and large open rooms, it makes for a really beautiful finish after we are completed Painting each unit.

A bonus for you if you live in the city is also the fact that we live right in Kitchener ourselves. That means we should be able to swing by right away if something comes up, if someone damages a wall during a renovation, or anything like that. Its always good to know that the people who are servicing your home live close by. So instead of thinking of it as a business relationship only, we also are your neighbors, so don't hesitate to give us a shout whenever you need help.

We have done work in Country Hills,  Doon, Forest Heights, Rockway, Pioneer Park, Forest Hill, Voctoria Park, Cedar Hill, and Hidden Valley. We are sure that one of your neighbors has heard of us if not had the opportunity to hire us to paint their home. There have been times when we have sprayed exteriors, or even just painted doors that were recently installed. One time near Victoria Park we had the opportunity to paint a century home. It was very interesting because we had to make sure that all of the details of the home were kept to a historic theme. That meant not replacing any of the windows, but instead,we had to sand, caulk, and repair them so that they could be painted and refreshed. As much hard work as that is, the finished product looked incredible.

The point of all of this is to give you the confidence that we take pride in our work and our community. All too many times, companies expand so fast that they lose touch with their customers. They forget what its like to have work done on your house, and then they end up not being able to relate to the people they are painting for. You will not have that problem with us. We are part of this community, and we are in the business of forging relationships. Not printing money.

So when you hire LT Painting, be sure that we are thrilled to be working for you, and we are going to do our best to make your home look its best. Its not only good for you, the customer, but its good for the city of Kitchener, and also our reputation as a business!

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