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Why We Set Up Shop In Kitchener Ontario

Many people are surprised to hear that Tori and I are not from Kitchener Ontario originally. Tori comes from the small town of Tillsonburg ON and I was born and raised in Amherstburg ON. Surprisingly we don’t have any family connections to the Waterloo Region. So why and how did LT Painting decide to set up shop in the Tri Cities area?

Well we got married in 2013 and moved to the “big city” of Windsor ON. We tried to make a go of it there Painting for a very successful Painter who did mostly high end homes, and commercial projects. I learned a lot from him on best practices, how to deal with customers, and the kind of jobs you want to go for. However the economy in Windsor isn’t in the best shape these days and the dream of great wages, and having a lot of work just wasn’t the reality. We did alright, but we knew Windsor was not the place for us to start a Painting Company. On top of that, we were definitely not going to steal potential customers from my employer. That’s a big no no in my opinion and its always bad for your reputation to compete with a former employer who treated you well.

Thus we started talking about places we’d like to move to. Toronto was easily number 1 on our list. How could you say no? Big City, lots of stuff to do, great entertainment, and most of all, plenty of Painting contracts up for grabs. More people equals more work. However all of that became a lot less attractive when we saw where we’d be living on our budget. An apartment building in Etobicoke, right off the 427. You can barely see the CN Tower from there. That plus the 407 toll costs, the traffic, etc, we knew this was not going to be a place we could last.

So after being really frustrated with that failure of a plan, we started to look at Kitchener, Waterloo. Our first impression was that Kitchener was going to be another Windsor. However, after taking a day trip to scout out potential apartments and work, we were pleasantly surprised. The many beautiful Parks, the rolling hills of Wilmot, the explosion of construction happening in Downtown Kitchener, and “Uptown” Waterloo, had us very interested. That very day we met with a Contractor who made available to us the opportunity to start ASAP on Apartment repaints.

Apartment repaints aren’t a painters ideal work of choice but we knew it was the start to something good. We finally had the opportunity to call our own hours, have work flexibility, and learn to deal with customers on our own. This gave us the freedom to start to take on side work and as of now we have been doing that for a couple of years already. I’m proud to say too that we haven’t lost that contract with the Painting contractor we met the very first day visiting Kitchener. In fact all of our business plans involve keeping that deal going because we love the work, its reliable, and we appreciate all that they did for us.

So now we find ourselves Painting in Kitchener every work day, and barely having enough time to go visit our families in Tillsonburg and Amherstburg. Our company is still very new in comparison with others, but we know we have the potential to grow at a manageable rate, keeping customers happy with each and every job we do. If you live in Kitchener, Waterloo, or Cambridge and are interested in getting a quote for some work done, or have any questions, please give us a shout.

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