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Our Breakdown of 2018's 'Colours Of The Year'


Every year, paint companies like to highlight one specific colour as their ‘Colour Of The Year’. They are usually based off of what interior designers are using, and they try to match these colours with other interior design trends that are going into style. In order to find these colours though, and to figure out where they are best used, it usually involves going to the website of each company and researching their specific colour of the year. So what we at LT Painting have done is simplified that process. We’ve condensed all the information you need to make a great colour choice into one article.

The template is simple. We will show you what colours Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Dulux chose as their colours of the year, then share our personal thoughts on them.

You’re going to find that 2018 is a surprisingly bold year for colours. Don’t be afraid of bold. Dive right into these choices and update your home with some awesome colours.


1. Sherwin Williams- Oceanside (SW 6496)

So as you can see, Oceanside is a deep blue. In their introductory statements to this colour, Sherwin Williams shows that this is a blue that can balance old with new. So it doesn’t really matter what decor you have in your home, this is a colour that will blend in well. To me, that especially means it’s going to fit in a room whether or not the trim and doors are stained, or painted white. Nothing in your place will eliminate Oceanside as an option.

This colour is also great because it is very elegant. It would look great in an office, it can really mature up a bedroom, or give off a very welcoming look to your front door. Our only advice we’d give you with this colour, is to not paint a tiny bathroom with it. It can look very dark if no natural light is available, so try to keep this one out of the small rooms.


2. Benjamin Moore- Caliente (AF-290)

Caliente is one hot colour. Sorry, had to. But seriously, this is a very interesting choice for colour of the year. Its vibrant, it can definitely liven up a room, and it’s full of energy. This is one of those colours that will get people talking. When it’s used in the right way, it will be the highlight of a room.

We would recommend using this colour in open living spaces, and try accenting it with some other interesting item in your living room like a throw pillow, or a favourite art piece. Also, don’t be afraid to use this colour for an accent wall. This colour on one wall can accent an entire room. We’re sure you wont regret using this colour on your next project.


3. Dulux- Heart Wood (10YR 28/072)

So in my humble opinion, Dulux went with a safe option this year. However, safe is not bad. It’s just comfortable. We all know that in the last 5 years or so, greys have taken over the paint world. Before that it was beige. And no one is really sure where the paint world is headed next. What Dulux picked this year is definitely a transitionary colour. It is technically a grey, but has a very strong purple tone to it. In dim light it looks very sharp, updating a room, but no one would describe it as a bold choice.

With that in mind, I think the best place to use Heart Wood is in a bedroom. It has enough personality in it to both neutralize yet warm up a master bedroom. Or maybe your kid is growing up and the childish primary colour on their wall isn’t cutting it anymore... Heartwood is the colour to bring everything up to par.

In conclusion, let’s be real. There are a surplus of colour choices that we all have at our finger tips. For the most part, none of us have any formal education on interior design. When these paint companies give us these ‘Colours Of The Year’, they are throwing us life lines. They know what direction styles are heading, and they’re giving us an opportunity to get the most for our money when we hire a painting company. So even though there is no obligation to use any of these colours, why not check them out, and give them a try. We are confident that you’ll be thrilled with the results.

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